Social participation in the pandemic

How to survive and support each other

To force people in circumstances which are not safe from infections with Covid-19 is against human rights.

Article 6

All children have the right to life.

Governments should ensure that children

survive and develop healthily.

Article 6

1. States Parties recognize that every child has the inherent right to life.

2. States Parties shall ensure to the maximum extent possible the survival and development of the child.

We have the right and the duty to do everything we can to hold the best future we can for our children. 

We will not risk their health or ours, so that we couldn’t care adequately for them anymore.

The Robert- Koch-Institute, the most accepted scientific institute in Germany, which advises what to do in the pandemic states in the end of October 2021, that everyone should reduce their contacts again, because incidences are getting higher and hospitalisation are on the rise.

They should ask us how to get over this time well together by behaving like that since the pandemic began and how we can network and socialize even when we are careful and consequent

Our children take the time of social and physical distance in stride. 

Why? Because they understand that it is necessary. There is no choice, except the choice of being infected with Corona if they give it up. 

Understanding gives us the strength to endure and partially welcome this kind of social exclusion and distance – the alternative, unfortunately, is often to be forced into contamination.

The awareness of what health means, that our quality of life would rapidly decrease due to an infection, that we could even be confronted with severe loss and grief, makes us appreciate that we can remain socially outside.

Schools should stop attacking parents and children when they want and need to protect themselves. Ask them where they find the strength for their well-being.

But this endurance and acceptance of an exceptional situation is connected with having a perspective.

Therefore, we are left to our own devices, stigmatized into outcasts, made into an invisible minority, even subject to prejudice- we are seen as the ones who want to enforce state violence through corona measures on all people, and are thus projection screens of anger and hatred, which is why we almost never openly express our needs for safe meetings, because we are always threatened with discrimination and stigmatization. 

What do people do who cannot participate because of certain characteristics or needs? They form their own networks so that they can feel socially integrated and accepted there.

Our right to participate safely in a pandemic

The state has failed to bring about cohesion within the population by pursuing inconsistent measures against the pandemic. As a result, people who consistently protect themselves from the virus are being marginalized, and have been for more than a year. 

Article 31 All children have a right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of activities.

Article 31

1. States Parties recognize the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

2. States Parties shall respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and shall encourage the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure activity.

Our children have the right for social participation. But we can not use it under the premise of contamination.

We are collective beings who also need and want to participate. We need the freedom to do it. We don’t take anything away from anyone. We can also enrich the community with our experience and attitude. We are pushed aside from a society that does not offer room for protection and safe meetings between people. Especially for children these contexts nearly don’t exist. We should offer our children to Covid-19 if they want to participate. 

But the more our we are excluded the more we build up our own networks and social connections. 

Children are forced to get Covid within our societies. The narrative that this disease is not dangerous for them is just an easy lie without regard for the children. 

They are sacrificed to the virus and the convenience of politics.

What alternatives does our state offers them?

We have networks and groups where we connect with other families who are as serious about Covid-19 as we are.

There we can find others to exchange with them, meet online or in presence.

We have the right to help shape our present and future

this is e.g. possible through

-the WorldHealthNetwork

-Self-help groups (also LongCovid)

-Twitter bubbles/ community

-Free-learning, daycare-free


-groups on FB

-thinking about emigration

-organize safe meetings (PCR- test- based meetings, SafeCircles meetings).

– Offering outdoor activities where it is clearly indicated that there are participants inside who are careful to keep their distance, wear masks, and it should be respected as a matter of course and not discriminated against

– New communities and forms of life form, where we can participate in shaping, if it is denied us in the previous.

-organize meetings where the need of some for consistent protection from infection is explicitly stated – those who do not accept this cannot participate.

-So in coercive contexts like school, acceptance should and must be taught and inclusion pointed out- people and parents/teachers must be made to understand that they are acting in a deeply exclusionary way when they disregard the need of children and parents to want and need to protect themselves from infection. 

This is a violation of human rights


– regular meetings in the WHN, -international, national/native language

– expanding communities- premises, participation:

– confronting communities with our needs

– letters to mayors, politicians, ministers, school administrators, daycare centers, (safe education).

– can we do more as a group? People in Physical Distancing during the pandemic

– supporting people against isolation- can we appear even more in the media? 

There is a lot of fear to do this in some cases. Can we appear as a group, as a community, so that it becomes clear we are not just a few scattered freaks, and oddballs, but people with serious approaches and backgrounds. To give us a voice and shape our future, especially that of „our“ children, that is, the generations that will come after us.

We don’t compromise with the virus. 

We want the best for our children.

We build our own social circles to survive.

If you want to connect with us send an e-mail to:

What this country has to offer for us is not enough. Instead, it is threatening us and the health of our children.

We will not adapt to a normality which cannot exist in an ongoing pandemic and let others play russian roulette with us.

We do what we have to do as caregivers. We protect our children and families.

Quote from Meir Rubin: „It takes an entire village to raise a child, but it takes an entire nation to raise a child in a pandemic.“

When a state’s community fails to care for children and disregards their health and future, it tramples on our children’s rights to live with integrity. It destroys our children’s chances for the best possible future. Health is the foundation for a happy, successful and self-sufficient life. 

Social cohesion was not promoted in the pandemic. We must not be marginalized and pressured. We are the ones who implemented the Corona measures on our own and have not been a burden to anyone. Why should we suffer now because it has been abandoned to take consistent action against Covid-19.

Politics has a mandate to keep society together, at least in our democracy.

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